About Us

Founded in 2003, we are a specialist investment marketing firm focused on identifying the highest quality investment funds for institutional investors.

Our objective is to source outstanding managers from around the globe.

Campion Capital is a private company, wholly owned by the directors and staff, with offices in the United Kingdom and overseas. The team is comprised of 10 investment professionals with a wealth of experience in investment banking, private wealth management and fund distribution. Since inception, the company has raised over US$ 5 billion for traditional and alternative investment funds.

We work closely with a range of institutional investors including pension funds, university endowments, family offices and wealth managers who, combined, are responsible for over £2 trillion (US$ 3 trillion) in assets.

Campion Capital is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK (#230196) and by the South African Financial Services Board (#44722). For our US office please see W Campion Capital on the menu.

What we don’t do

Our business can sometimes be difficult to understand so we have also highlighted below some of the things we don’t do.

Campion Capital does not offer investment advice to private individuals. Please see www.thewma.co.uk for a list of firms that can help in this regard.

We do not run a fund of hedge funds nor manage or hold any money on behalf of investors. We raise capital for third party funds.

Please contact us if you have any questions.